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Backpack Mount

If you’re going to transport your boat and camping equipment distances in excess of one mile consider having your boat mounted on an external frame pack. This means that your boat and gear can travel to your destination all at the same time instead of once with your boat, then back for your gear. With the Back Pack Mount a 6 mile slog becomes much easier and a less time consuming 2 mile walk. We like to mount our boats on Kelty or Camptrails ¾’ frames, you may already have such a frame or you may locate on at a used equipment shop. We can usually use frames like this or you can purchase a new Kelty pack and frame from us. The process of mounting the boat to the pack will take about an hour to complete. The boat and you will need to be in attendance and we supply all the necessary fasteners and include personalized use instructions. It should be noted that we have tried a number of internal frame packs for carrying canoes and none of these have proven satisfactory. An external frame pack and additional aluminum tubes and hardware make it possible to carry your boat and gear hands free for many miles.

Kelty Trekker External Frame Pack: $180
Mount: $150