Hornbeck Boats
Hornbeck perfect fit program
"One size fits all" does not apply to boats. At Hornbeck Boats we build canoes that come in a variety of profiles, lengths, widths and weights.

All of this means that we function like a specialized bicycle shop to fit you to the right boat. Similar to a bike shop, we take into consideration your height, your torso length, leg length, arm length, shoe size, hand size and weight. We discuss what type of paddling you intend to do and under what conditions.

Then, on our pond, you can try out a variety of boats. Our expert staff will observe and provide instruction and advice. Finally we'll reach a mutual decision about which model and size is right for you. We'll custom-mount foot braces and adjust the seat and backrest if necessary. At the end of this process you can be assured that you will have a boat that handles efficiently and naturally, like it was made for you. This is our Perfect Fit Program.