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We're having a sale on Seconds!!

November 16th- December 21st only!!


You read that right! We have some exciting news!

Beginning November 16th and running through December 21st, we'll have a selection of boats with minor cosmetic blemishes on sale! (see below for NRS & Paddle sale info)

Here are the details!

1. All boats will be $200.00 off current retail (yup, that's an extra $100 off what we normally sell a second for)

2. First come, First Serve by appointment only! There are limited spots per day & you must talk to someone at the shop to set up an appt. Voicemails left over the weekend will not be considered confirmed. We will do our best to accommodate folks on the day you want to come and we appreciate your flexibility if we don't have a spot for you on your first choice. Make sure to have 2 days picked so you have an alternate.

3. Boats must be picked up by Dec 21st. No shipping available.

4. Boats are sold As-Is. No pictures ahead of time.

Boats available at start of sale:


10' Mid Profile Classic Kevlar

10' Mid Profile Classic Matrix

10' High Profile Classic Matrix

10' High Profile Classic Kevlar

12' Mid Profile Classic Kevlar

12' Low Profile Classic Kevlar

12' Mid Profile Classic Fishing Package

12' Mid Profile Classic Matrix

13' Mid Profile Classic Kevlar

New Tricks:

11' New Trick Low Profile

11' New Trick Low Profile Kevlar

11' New Trick Mid Profile

12' New Trick Mid Profile


16' Solo Tandem Matrix


Blemishes do not not affect the performance of the boat, will not delaminate, nor get worse as time goes on. They are cosmetic only!

Hours Mon-Fri 9-4pm, last appt at 3pm each day


All Sawyer Sea Feather Paddles 

$100.00 off, while supplies last. Adjustable Paddle shafts available in 240-250cm or 250-260cm lengths

This list will NOT be updated throughout the sale

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