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Our Boats

Our watercraft are called pack canoes, although they incorporate several kayak elements. The paddler sits comfortably low in the boat, below water level, which helps maintain stability by using the body weight as ballast. Additionally, this position reduces exposure to the wind and prevents the paddler's body from acting as an unwanted sail. The width of the hull is designed to be used with a double-bladed (kayak) paddle, where every stroke generates power, thus eliminating the need for corrective strokes required when using a single-bladed paddle. The double-bladed paddle works as a stabilizing brace, always in or near the water on both sides.

our boats
family in pack canoe Hornbeck boats

Hornbeck Boats are renowned for their lightweight design. Most boats weigh less than 30 lbs, with some even less than 20 lbs or 15 lbs. You can purchase our boats directly from our store in Olmstedville, located in the Adirondack Park of New York State. We offer two options for receiving your boat: either take delivery at our store or have it shipped to you. Our boats come in a variety of lengths, widths, depths, and weights, allowing us to match the perfect boat to your size and needs. Check out our Perfect Fit Program for more information. We have a pond and a wide selection of boats available for demo, with knowledgeable staff to assist you in finding the perfect boat for your needs.

lightweight canoes stacked

If you're looking for a boat that combines the best features of a canoe and a kayak and fits you perfectly, consider a Hornbeck.


The Classic

User-friendly, stable boats that are well-suited for all your paddling needs.

performance canoe 16 fast trick paddler


These boats have been race tested, and they are fast!

lightweight packboat 12 newtrick

The New Tricks

These boats are more suited to those looking to travel long distances faster, or like a more sporty feel.

kids canoe 8 classic paddler

Kid's Boats

Start that life long paddler off with a quality craft that truly fits them.

ultralight tandem canoe 14 paddlers


For those looking for a good solo boat, but still want to take the occasional tandem trip; or looking for something with lots of capacity for the long haul.

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