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The New Tricks

The New Tricks pack canoes have beams of 24" to 26" and a linear hull shape that allows them to cut through the water faster than Classic designs. The narrower hull has a high final stability, but provides a more dynamic feel for speed and maneuverability. The hull exterior is built of matrix (Kevlar and carbon combination), giving it a greenish color.

Standard features include rot-resistant cherry rails, solid cell foam seat, and light but tough adjustable foot braces.

lightweight packboat 11 newtrick paddler

11' New Tricks

The boat preferred by most women. Light, fast, easy to handle



lightweight packboat 14 newtrick

14' New Tricks

The Ideal Tripping boat. Preferred boat by those paddling the NFCT (Northern Forest Canoe Trail)



lightweight packboat 12 newtrick paddler

12' New Tricks

Like a kayak without the cramped cockpit. Free those knees.



lightweight packboat 15 newtrick paddler

15' New Tricks

Pick your line and go. This boat can fly across the water



lightweight packboat 3 newtrick paddler

13' New Tricks

As versatile as the 12' New Trick with a bit more dynamic speed 



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