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Love Letters

paddler in Hornbeck Boat looking away

Allen E. Smith from Olympia, WA writes:
Dear Peter,
There is no other way to put it- I love my new boat! You and your crew have built a beautiful boat that has given me a new access to the water and the wilderness since rotator cuff surgeries of last year limited what I can pick up and do. I have no problem putting the boat on my car and taking it off.

I have even managed to learn how to get in and out of it without falling in the drink! Practice makes perfect and you and your crew have practiced making great boats to perfection. I highly recommend you boats to anyone!

Thanks again to you and your crew for getting me through all the details of selecting my boat and the issues of shipping it. You guys are the best!

With all my best wishes, I hope to see you out here sometime.

Thank you.
Allen Smith

Mark K. Brown from Warrensburg, NY writes:
Just a short note on our Hornbeck Boats. I had a great summer and fall fishing back country ponds for Brook Trout. Our food and tackle weighed more than the boat. We will have to stop and tell stories of some of the luck we are having. Thanks again for an excellent product.
Mark K. Brown

paddler in hornbeck boat paddling away

Ron Edwards

Got a 14' new trick. Had to of been one of the most pleasant buying experiences I have ever had. Everyone was great. They spent quite a lot of time making sure I got the right fit for me.

Brian Murray

Fantastic experience! The boats are beautiful! Customer service is excellent. No pressure. They will fit a boat to you, but let you try whatever boat you're interested in.

Tom Faill

The folks at Hornbeck couldn't be more accommodating. They made trying and buying a pleasure. I got a 12' classic fishing model and I was impressed with how the oars move the boat and with its glide. I want to go back with my grandkids to get them a boat that fits them.

Bill Chamberlain, Saranac Lake, NY, September 2013

Dear Peter Hornbeck and crew,
I want to thank you all for designing and building what for me has been the perfect boat this summer: the 12-foot New Trick. I purchased #139 on July 29 and I've used it nearly every day since in all kinds of weather in water bodies big and small. I've done a 2-mile portage with it and had it loaded down with camping gear. It's a total pleasure in every situation. I weigh 170 pounds, which seems to make for an ideal fit. Compared to my Blackjack and Lost Pond boats the New Trick just seems to paddle more… effortlessly. As beautiful to look at as it is to glide across the water in.

pulling boat over beaver damn

Judi Harris

If you are looking for a canoe that can float in a few inches of water and weighs under 16lbs look no further!
Hornbeck boats are designed for lakes, streams and small waterways. Made of Kevlar or Kevlar and Carbon, these boats are amazing ! I have a teak lip on mine and we have hundreds of miles of shared time, paddling through the Adirondacks.
Each boat is handmade in Minerva,NY (Exit 26 on the Northway.)

woman portaging hornbeck boat
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