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You want a boat for you and your partner, but you also want something easy enough to use on your own. When a boat's weight is evenly distributed, its performance is far superior to when it is not. When a tandem boat is used solo, uneven distribution is often a problem. Here at Hornbeck Boats, we have come up with a solution. Our solo/tandem pack canoe designs allow for a quick change between a center solo seat and two tandem seats.

To convert from solo to tandem, you start by unscrewing the set of wing nuts that attach the center backrest. This is then rotated 180 degrees and reattached. The center seat is removed and the drop seats are installed. You are now ready to paddle.

The Hull is symmetrical. When in the solo position, you paddle the boat facing the front. In the tandem position, you paddle the boat facing the back. By design, the boat performs the same in both directions, allowing for a very adaptive craft. The paddling experience is very similar to a tandem kayak. The paddler in the front sets the pace and the paddler in the back matches that pace while steering the craft. This can take a little bit of getting used to, but when in rhythm, the boat can really fly.

Standard features include rot-resistant cherry rails, one solid cell foam solo seat, two solid cell foam drop seats, flotation tanks, and two light but tough adjustable foot braces. (14' model includes 1 set)

Solo Setup

Notice the backrests are facing each other and the center seat is installed. The boat is paddled facing the bow


Tandem Setup

Notice the backrests are facing the same direction and the drop seats are installed. The boat is now paddled facing the stern

ultralight tandem canoe 14 paddlers

14' Solo/Tandem

Looking for a good solo boat, but still want to take the occasional tandem trip. Best suited for shorter passengers in the bow position



ultralight Tandem canoe 16 paddlers

16' Solo/Tandem

The perfect tandem setup. Fast, light , and roomy



ultralight tandem canoe 20 paddler

20' Solo/Tandem

Meant for speed and distance. Perfect for the extended trip.



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