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The Solo/Tandem Twenty



Length:           20'

Weight            46 lbs.

Beam                31.25"

Bow                   18.75"

Stern                18.75"           

Profile             Medium, High

Rocker           Moderate

Materials       Kevlar, Matrix, Carbon

Suggested    125-250 lbs.



Capacity          Mid:    525lbs.

                              High:  575lbs.

Price                Standard:             $3195

                            Matrix Skin:        $3195

                            Carbon Skin:      $3195


The Solo/Tandem Twenty

Our longest and most spacious boat. Works great for a family on a day trip or for an extended camping/touring adventure. When you need the space, this is the one. Still handles well, even when weighed down, in the solo position. Includes a unique Baidarka stern design. This design, improves tracking and facilitates cresting over waves in choppy conditions, while reducing wind deflection. It is supplied with all the additional parts so that is can be used as a very spacious solo boat. The boat includes two sets of foot braces in the positions you request. Additional sets can be added. For more details on what is included and how to convert, visit the main solo/tandem page 

Paddle Length:

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