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In Paddle sports most manufacturers produce products designed to be one size fits all and that size usually seems to be men's medium. If you're a "woman's small" or "men's extra large" you are out of luck because the boat you are purchasing will never perform optimally on the water for you. When a boat is designed to fit its user the difference is dramatic. Here at Hornbeck Boats we offer multiple different sizes and profiles along with our customizable seat, backrest, and foot brace systems to create a boat just right for you.


Our staff are trained, experienced, and patient, to guide you through this process. We have a pond onsite to demo boats and related equipment, to insure that perfect fit. 

 The perfect fit program came out of the experience Peter had while shopping for another of his hobbies. 

“I came up with the perfect fit program after I purchased a bicycle at a high end bike shop. I was impressed with the wide range of bikes available in my size and the effort taken by the staff to insure I got a bike that actually fit me. I've ridden bikes most of my life and the bike I bought that day was the first bike that actually fit me. The difference was dramatic. I was convinced the bike shop model would work in paddle sports." says Peter


Hornbeck boat design.jpg

Our models are designed following two basic categories:

The Classic and the New Trick.

The Classic is the time-tested original, with a versatile hull suited for a wide variety of uses and conditions. New Tricks models have a more streamlined hull for speed and longer-distance travel.

Along with these categories, we also offer a performance line specialty designed for racing 

Classic model designs have beams of 28" to 30". Their lines are curvaceous, with hollow cheeks in the bow and stern and a rounded belly in the middle. The net result is a very user-friendly, stable boat that is well-suited for all your paddling needs. This is the everyman's boat. Perfect for just a day on the water, pond hopping, photography,fishing, and carrying gear for an overnight, even in windy, wavy conditions. The hull exterior is built standard of Kevlar giving it a yellow color. Other options available.

New Trick

"I am in it for speed, i like tight turns and a dynamic feel"

New Tricks models have beams of 24" to 26" and a linear hull shape that allows them to cut through the water faster than Classic designs. The narrower hull requires a little more initial attention from the paddler but, like The Classic, final stability is high. The smaller beam provides more of a kayak feel, like you are wearing the boat. These boats are more suited to those looking to travel long distances faster, or like a more sporty feel. The hull exterior is built standard of matrix (Kevlar and carbon combination), giving it a greenish color. Other options available.


The depth of a canoe can make all the difference in how you feel in the boat. A canoe that fits well should have no more than 7" of free board (distance between the top rail of the boat and the surface of the water). A boat that is too deep for you will require you to hold the paddle higher than necessary, causing greater fatigue. This is particularly true for smaller and lighter individuals. Excess free board does not increase your safety in windy, wavy conditions; rather, it causes your body to act as an unwanted sail and makes the boat harder to control. Ask any kayaker, the better the boat fits, the more control you have, and the more responsive the boat. 

We offer all of our models in multiple profiles to best suit your needs and body type.


The Classic




The Newtrick

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Kid's Boats


Solo/ Tandem