The Fourteen New Trick



Length           14'

Weight            23 lbs.

Beam                25.5"

Bow                   13.75"

Stern                13.5"           

Profile             Low, Medium

Rocker           Moderate

Materials       Kevlar, Matrix skin,

                            Carbon Skin, Carbon

Suggested    140-265 lbs.



Capacity          Low:    350lbs.

                              Mid:    400lbs.

Price                Matrix Skin:        $2095

                            Kevlar Skin:       $2095

                            Carbon Skin:     $2095

                            Basalt/Inegra   $2095       

The Fourteen New Tricks

This is the ideal Tripping boat. Tested by many on the Northern Forest Canoe Trail and other great water ways; this boat is a perfect mix of speed and capacity. Coming in at just 23 lbs., it can tackle that large open water expanse, yet feel feather light on portage after portage.

Your body size , weight and personal preference will determine the profile that is best for you. All New Tricks are built of a Matrix blend of Kevlar and carbon fiber.