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That first scratch is always the worst!

Quick tip: If you find yourself with a leak, a simple piece of Duct Tape on the inside will often work as a temporary repair.

Although Hornback boats are built to be sturdy, sometimes something happens and repairs are needed. Our boats have been designed with future repairs in mind. We can take apart an entire boat and put all new parts on it to breathe life into one that has been injured, neglected, or lovingly enjoyed for many, many years. What we have seen is that most damage happens off the water when a boat comes off the car in transit, the straps are over-tightened, etc. On the water, your boat can take a lot of abuse. Most of this is cosmetic wear and tear that shouldn't affect the boat's performance. From wrapping around a river rock to forgetting to take the boat off the roof when you go into the garage, our boats can bounce back giving you many more years of enjoyment. 

The repair Process

  • Give us a call (518) 251-2764 to set up an appointment for drop off.

  • Your boat will then be assessed by a member of our team and you will be given an estimate on the work needed as well as an estimated completion date. 

  • You can rest assured that all repairs are completed to Hornbeck Boats quality standards for workmanship and longevity.

  • When the repair work is complete, you will be notified that your boat is ready for pickup, (if a voicemail is left, a follow up call will be made 7 days later). You will have 30 days in which to pick up your boat, after which time we will begin charging storage fees of $50 per month.

Before bringing your boat in for repairs,
please ensure that the boat:

  • Has been washed and is clean inside and out

  • Is free of any temporary patches covering damaged areas

  • Is free of any ropes, straps, & removable mounts etc.

*Boats that do not meet the above criteria will be charged accordingly. Please be

sure all of the above are covered before dropping your boat off.

Our Services

Simple Hull Patches

Most cracks in the hull are commonly referred to as a "stress crack". If the boat is not leaking, these are considered mostly cosmetic and do not need to be worried about. If requested, we can place a reinforcement patch on the inside to avoid any further spread. Depending on the season, we may be able to do these while you wait; often for free. Call in advance, as an appointment is necessary.

Foot Braces

Install or upgrade (pre 2015 boats) foot braces into any Hornbeck.

$50.00 per pair

(can be done while you wait)

Foot Braces can be repositioned & old holes will be patched over.

(may require leaving boat)

Not so simple hull repairs

Hull reconstruction of more serious damage or numerous stress cracks.

$50 per hour plus materials.

Call in advance, as an

appointment is necessary.

(requires leaving boat)

Stem repair

Repair worn down stems with two more layers of reinforcement, matching the exterior skin

of your boat.

$50 per stem

Call in advance, as an 

appointment is necessary.

(requires leaving boat)

gunwale refurbishing

Gunwales will be sanded down, screws tightened, and oiled


Call in advance, as an

appointment is necessary.

(requires leaving boat)

Complete rebuild

Replacement and oiling of all wood. New backrest. New Seat.

13' and under: $400.00

14' and over: $500.00

Call in advance, as an

appointment is necessary.

(requires leaving boat)

Seat or backrest

Replace or upgrade your seat or backrest. Depending on the season, we may be able to do these

while you wait.

$50.00 each

Call in advance, as an

appointment is necessary.

gunwale Repair

Replacement, finishing, and oiling of part of a gunwale. 

Inner $75.00

Outer $75.00

Deck $25.00

Rub Rail $25.00

Thwart $15.00

Call in advance, as an

appointment is necessary.

(requires leaving boat)

Solo Seat $50

(shipping $25-35)*

Cut to approximate size based off model. Installation requires pressure fitting into place, cutting bolt flaps, and tightening bolts

through existing seat holes in hull.

Tandem Drop Seat $25

(shipping $15-20)*

Seat for the front and back passengers on our Solo/Tandem Boats. 

No installation required

These are the items we can ship and require installation. If you are not comfortable with this, please make an appointment and we can potentially install

them while you wait, depending on season.

 We cannot ship gunwale wood

* Shipping may vary depending on destination location

When ordering, please remember; 

1) You must specify boat model and length

2) Wood parts are not shipped pre-drilled

Carry Yoke

(shipping $20-25)*

Can be cut to width of boat or left full size (30")

installation requires finding the balance point of your boat and drilling holes

(includes hardware)

Back Rest

(shipping $20-25)*

Can be cut to width for your boat model or left full size (28").

Installation requires  drilling holes through gunwale wood

(includes hardware)

Repair Parts

Stainless Steel Hardware $5

comes as a set of 2

All stainless steel 

(free shipping)


# 6 x 1 ½" 

# 6 Lock Nut

# Finish Washer


Front Thwart 

# 8 x 1 ½"

# 8 Lock Nut

# Finish Washer


# 8 x 2"

# 8 Lock Nut

# Finish Washer

# 8 Wing Nut

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