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Kid's Boats

Kids grow,
 Get a boat that grows with them.

Your child's introduction to paddle sports should include a boat that is designed for them. Just as you would not put them on adult-size skis or an adult bike, why put your young paddler in a boat that does not fit them? 

Growth spurts happen, but that shouldn’t stop you from investing in a quality

boat that will inspire a lifelong hobby. When you buy a kids’ boat at Hornbeck Boats, you can bring it back and get up to 30% of the original purchase price in credit towards the purchase of a new one for them to continue their paddling adventures.

It's like a lease or long-term rental, ensuring they always have

the perfect boat for their size.

Kids Boat Trade-in Program Details:

  • Only applies to  8' Classic, 9' Classic, and 10' New Trick

  • Boat must be purchased directly from Hornbeck Boats

  • Boat must be for a child (14yrs old or younger)

  • Up to 30% of the original price can be used as a trade-in value towards a new boat, based on its condition.

  • Trade in must occur within 3 yrs of original purchase date.

Also Available:

8' Accessories package: Kids Paddle, Kids PFD, 2x Ballast Dry Bags, Fox 40 whistle

$175.00 (MSRP $248)

9'+10' Accessories package: Youth Paddle, Youth PFD, Fox 40 whistle

$275.00 (MSRP $366)

Standard features include rot-resistant cherry rails, solid cell foam seat,

and durable lightweight foot braces.

kids trade in
kids boat paddler

Kid's Classic 8



kids boat 9 classic paddler

Kid's Classic 9




Kid's New Tricks 10



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