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Fishing Package

Canoe and kayak fishing is growing increasingly popular. This is largely because of its simplicity when compared to the complexity of using a powerboat. However, as time goes on, fishing specific canoes and kayaks have gotten larger and heavier, too heavy to car top without help, too cumbersome to carry alone. This is not simple anymore, so we have developed a “Fish Simple” approach – one rod, one reel, one box of lures, a paddle or a set of small oars and a boat designed for fishing that weighs less than 20lbs. 

All Fishing Boats get upgraded to a Matrix exterior for a subdued forest green color that reduces shadows in the water and feature beefier gunnels for more rigidity. The gunnels also create a wider and more stable platform for you to mount RAM mount clamp on rod holders available through us, or for you to mount your own accessories. All Fishing Boats are built on to our Classic design for a stable fishing platform.

Package includes:
-Increased wood on gunnels
-Matrix Skin

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