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Dog Package

Many of our customers like to paddle with their furry friends. In our experience, the best place for the dog to be is in front of the paddler. However, if you take a large dog along for the ride and they sit in the bow, the boat will be harder to maneuver. So we came up with a way to allow you to paddle the boat either solo or with your 'first mate'. The dog package is a modification to any of our Classic boats that allows you to move the seat forward or backward to balance the canoe. We also provide extra flotation by installing air tanks in the bow & stern, in case your dog decides to take you for a swim. Finally, we provide a removable floor foam to increase your dog's comfort and grip on the boats surface

Package includes:
-Increased wood on gunwales
-Movable solo seat and backrest
-Air tanks in the bow and stern
-Piece of removable floor foam

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