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How to store your Hornbeck

How you store your boat is key to it's longevity. UV exposure along the hull and moisture on the wood are a boats biggest enemies. A boat should be stored upside down, off the ground, with its weight evenly distributed; ideally inside.

This can be accomplished in many ways.

Inside Storage

If storing outside, place in a shaded spot and cover with a thick, durable tarp that is

loosely tied down, protecting the boat, yet allowing for some air flow. It is best to tie the

boat and the tarp down independently to protect from gusts. Again, keep the boat off

the ground and if storing in a snowy area, regularly remove snow to prevent

damage from excessive weight.

outside Storage

Keep your boat safe

Deter theft by storing inside if possible. If you must store your boat outside, keep it hidden, covered, and secured with a sturdy cable lock. 

Read this article for more details on preventing theft of your boat

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