The Twelve New Tricks



Length           12'

Weight            18 lbs.

Beam                25"

Bow                   14.25"

Stern                14"           

Profile             Low, Medium

Rocker           Moderate

Materials       Kevlar, Matrix skin,

                            Carbon Skin, Carbon

Suggested    110-220 lbs.



Capacity          low:    225lbs.

                              Mid: 270lbs.

Price                Matrix Skin:         $1895

                            Kevlar Skin:        $1895

                            Carbon Skin:      $1895

                            Basalt/Inegra:   $1895       

The Twelve New Tricks

Our bestselling pack boat. It is suitable for a wide range of people, is very speedy, carries lots of gear and transports easily on your shoulder, or with a yoke.

Your body size , weight and personal preference will determine the profile that is best for you. All New Tricks are built of a Matrix blend of Kevlar and carbon fiber.