The Thirteen Classic



Length            13'

Weight            22 lbs.

Beam                29.5"

Bow                   14.25"

Stern                14"           

Profile             Low, Medium

Rocker           Moderate

Materials       Kevlar, Matrix skin,

                            Carbon Skin, Carbon

Suggested    110-300 lbs.



Capacity          Low:    275lbs.

                              Mid:      325lbs.

Price                Standard:           $1995

                            Matrix Skin:       $2095

                            Carbon Skin:     $2095

                            Basalt/Inegra   $2095      

The Thirteen Classic

This is about as large as a true pack boat gets. If you don't leave anything at home, this could be the boat for you. It has the same good characteristics as the 10' Classic and the 12 Classic'. Your new YETI cooler will be happy in this boat.

Your body size , weight and personal preference will determine the profile that is best for you.

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