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The Solo/Tandem Fourteen



Length:           14'

Weight            28 lbs.

Beam                30.25"

Bow                   15.75"

Stern                15.75"           

Rocker           Moderate

Materials       Kevlar, Matrix,


Suggested    125-225 lbs.



Capacity           400lbs.

Price                Standard:           $2595

                            Matrix Skin:       $2595

                            Carbon Skin:     $2595


14 solo tandem canoe solo
14 solo tandem canoe drop seats

The Solo/Tandem Fourteen

Looking for a solo boat, but still want the flexibility to occasionally have a paddle partner? This is your boat.  Spacious enough to carry camping equipment for a multi day trip or a full size cooler for that luxurious picnic. Not ideal for tandem camping due to the lack of equipment space with two passengers (for that recommend the 16 ft. solo/tandem) Best suited for shorter legged paddlers in the bow position.  The boat includes one set of foot braces in the position you request. Additional sets can be added. for more details on what is included and how to convert visit the main solo/tandem page 

Paddle Length:

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