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The Fast Trick Eighteen



Length           18'

Weight            32.5 lbs.

Beam                21.25"

Bow                   1425"

Stern                13.25"           

Profile             Low, Medium

Rocker           Moderate

Materials       Kevlar, Matrix, Carbon

Suggested    160-250 lbs.



Capacity          Low:    300lbs.

                              Mid: 350lbs.

Price                Standard:             $2595

                            Matrix Skin:        $2595

                            Carbon Skin:      $2595


The Fast Trick Eighteen

This boat is fast, but at 21" wide, not for the casual paddler. Unlike the 16' Fast Trick, this boat requires attention because of its dynamic stability. While paddling, it feels nice and solid. When not underway, a paddle blade needs to be kept in the water. Stability comes not from the boat, but from the motion and technique of the paddler.

Your body size, weight and personal preference will determine the profile that is best for you. All Fast Tricks are built of a Matrix blend of Kevlar and carbon fiber.

Paddle L

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