Frequently asked questions

How is battery lifespan?

If you charge an Idem card one time per month, the battery will still have 80% of the original capacity after ten years. In other words, the operation time will be decreased by ~20%, but the battery will be still alive. However, if you charge an Idem card every day, the battery life cycle would be around two years. Therefore, please do not charge your Idem card frequently. If possible, please charge your Idem Card until the low battery indicator LED is flashing.

Can I use conventional smart card printer to print Idem Card?

No. We do not recommend using conventional card printer since there is battery in Idem Card and conventional card printer will cause high temperature which is harmful to battery. If you need to print, you can use UV printing which prints under normal temperature. GoTrust also provide service to print customized artwork on Idem Card for mass deployment. You can contact us ( for more detail.

Do I need to install any kind of driver to use FIDO2 with the Idem Card connected to browser?

Answer: If you use latest Windows 10 version 1903 or above, there’s no additional driver required. Latest Windows 10 already support FIDO2 over BLE and NFC natively.

How to change FIDO PIN of Idem card?

Latest Windows 10 version 1903 supports management of FIDO PIN. You can use management console in “Windows Settings” -> “Accounts” -> “Sign-in Options” -> “Security Key”.

Can Idem Card support PKI feature?

There is a PIV application installed in Idem Card. You can use any PIV compliant middleware such as OpenSC, Windows built-in minidriver, or macOS CryptoTokenKit to access PKI functions over ISO7816 or NFC interfaces.

Can I use FIDO2 of Idem Card on macOS?

Currently, browsers such as Chrome, Safari, and Firefox on macOS only support FIDO2 over USB interface. Please wait browsers to enable BLE and NFC functions.

Why does Idem Card run out of battery after a while without using it?

Idem Card will be in standby mode when you’re not using it.

Is Idem Card secure?

Yes. Idem Card is very secure. Idem Card embeds a secure element which is certified by Common Criteria EAL5+ and FIPS 140-2 Level 3. All cryptographic are handled inside the secure element and keys are stored in the secure element. Besides, Idem Card itself also certified by FIDO2 security level 1.

How do I use Idem Card for physical access?

Idem Card supports MIFARE Plus by default. GoTrust have other versions of Idem Card to support different physical access systems such as HID and FeliCa. You can contact GoTrust support ( to get more detail.