That first scratch is always the worst!

While Hornbeck boats are built tough, sometimes things happen and a repair is necessary. Our boats have been designed with repair in mind. We can take apart an entire boat and put all new parts on it to breath life into a boat that has been injured, abused, or lovingly enjoyed for many many years. What we have seen is that most damage is actually done outside the water. A boat comes off the car in transit, the straps are over tightened, etc. On the water, your boat can take a lot of abuse. A majority of this 'damage' is cosmetic wear and tear and shouldn't affect the boats performance. From wrapping around a river rock to forgetting to take the boat off the roof when you go into the garage, these boats can bounce back to give you many more years of enjoyment.

Quick tip: If you find yourself with a leak, a simple piece of Duct Tape will often work as a temporary repair.

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Hornbeck boats repair.jpg

Complete solo rebuild

before and after

Here is a general list of repairs and costs. We will do an assessment of your boat when you drop it off and discuss what needs to be done and how much it will cost. Some repairs can be done while you wait, but this must be discussed and scheduled ahead of time..

Simple Hull Patches
Usually we can do these while you wait; often for free. Call in advance if possible.

Not so Simple Hull Repairs
$50 per hour plus materials. You'll probably have to leave your boat.

Broken Rail/Gunwale Replacement
$75 per rail

Complete solo boat rebuild

 All new wood, seat, backrest, hull repairs

($450 for tandem boats rebuild)

Complete solo/tandem boat rebuild

 All new wood, seat, backrest, hull repairs

Stem Rebuilds
$50 per stem

Seat Replacement

Backrest Replacement

Foot Braces -- New Boats, Standard Retro Fit